Finding Hope

The main focus of most of the Mad Max: Fury Road is Furiosa and the wives attempting to escape to the green land. They are hoping for a second chance. I find this aspect of always trying to find some sort of hope interesting. When faced with trying times, people often look for hope, for some light at the end of the tunnel. For this movie, where the people lived in desolate land with scarce water and surrounded by desert, the thought of greener land and plentiful water sounded magical in a way. Whenever Furiosa or one of the wives talked about the green land with Max, they seemed optimistic, fully believing this escape was their only chance at a real life. When faced with diversity, I find that most people try and find something to live for, some glimmer of hope.

George Miller does an exceptional job with the background and color in this movie. By having longer shots and showing the scenery, he emphasizes this thought that the desert is never-ending. By never seeing anything but desert for miles and miles, the thought of wanting to hope for something more makes sense. The color tone also gives off the feeling of nonliving, for when I think of the desert, I think there is a lack of life, for living without water is impossible.

I find that with these movies that is either world ending or post-apocalyptic, people find any hope they can in order to survive. Is it human instinct to want to always find some sort of hope when facing death?


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