A Mother’s Love

The movie Advantageous tugs at people’s emotions, connecting with people in a different way. The mother daughter relationship between Jules and Gwen really stuck out to me. Gwen’s self sacrifice and unconditional love for her daughter led to her giving up her life. This bond between a mother and daughter, to me, is an unbeatable one. The movie really makes a point to emphasize the relationship between Gwen and Jules. They are each other’s whole world. From Gwen doing her best to help Jules achieve her dreams, to Jules finding ways to comfort her mother, they are truly there for one another, a hundred percent. When Fisher explains to Gwen what the procedure really is, Gwen needs no time to think over the decision, insisting she will do whatever it takes to take care of her daughter. The movie uses close-ups to capture the emotion on Gwen and Jules faces, further connecting viewers with them. The subtle and constant non-diegetic sound that plays throughout the movie allows for their story to be the important part, and for Gwen’s sacrifice to be the sole focus. The music so to speak is monotone and does not intensify to create suspense like other movies use music. Instead, it acts simply as a way of setting the mood. The music was able to shape how I felt in each scene. I felt an emotional connection to Jules and Gwen, fully invested in their life. When watching the movie, I could not help but wonder about this mother daughter relationship. I mean, of course, I understand it from the daughter standpoint, but this thought of a selfless love without thought of consequences so long as your child is safe is foreign to me. Do all parents feel this fierce need to protect their children and willing to do whatever it takes for them to have all they want? Is a mother’s (or father’s) love the greatest love there is?


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