Opened on Dec. 25..Coincidence? I think not.

In Children of Men, Alfonso Cuaron uses many different techniques to convey a biblical undertone in the film. There are many echoes of the Gospel, some more obvious than others. I think this is to remind us that even in the most tragic of circumstances, God can provide a miracle to save us. Because all women have lost the ability to bear a child, all hope for humanity to continue on is essentially lost. Essentially parallel to this, in the Gospel, it was thought that hope for humanity was lost because people were not behaving as God intended and had lost hope in God. So God sent a miracle to the people to remind them of His never-ending generosity, and that would be Jesus.

It is a similar tactic here. In the midst of humanity falling apart, a child is brought into the world. Not only is this child a miracle in itself, but also that he/she can continue on the fate of humanity. Also, Kee takes on an immense amount of risk when carrying this child as did Mary when she agreed to carry Jesus. Also, while watching this film, I couldn’t help but notice that Theo, Dylan and Kee reminded me of the Holy Family. Also, three is a holy number. Also, when they are running down the street and unmotivational camera movement allows viewers to see the woman holding who we assume to be her deceased son. I immediately remembered La Pieta with Mary holding Jesus after he is taken down from the cross.

And just as I thought that Cuaron could not incorporate any more into this film, the end of the film happened. When just as humanity is crumbling, they get on a boat…(ark). In a movie that is seemingly so focused on the end of the world and humanity, why focus on a religion that believes in the second coming of Christ that will save all of humanity?


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