Be The You You Were Meant To Be

Advantageous is presumably in the future, but I wouldn’t classify it as post-apocalyptic or even apocalyptic. I think it is more in line of the end of human nature as we know it. Ironically, the film talks about beauty and the extension of that as well as the potential “human deselection” that they are facing. The main character, Gwen and her daughter live in this world and her daughter Jules says that by the time she is 20 she will not have any more ovum, so she can’t have kids. The film really analyzes the dangers is pressuring our society to be the best they can possibly be to the point of overworking and dehumanizing ourselves, but it also shows us the dangers of beauty in a beautiful film.

I’m going to focus on the lighting in the film as a whole, not exactly a specific scene. I think it is interesting to see that through the film up until the point of Gwen’s procedure the lightning is very natural. There are some shots where Jules and Gwen are outside and appreciating the natural scenery which conveys, like the real and natural existence of the two of them. Once she has the procedure, the lighting is mostly low key and many shots are close ups of the new Gwen’s face or her giving herself shots. There are others where it is a two shot of the new Gwen and Jules, but mostly it seems very cramped and intimate.

This works to establish the world and their relationship with each other, especially after we are informed that the old Gwen essentially died, which we see through a series of jump cuts through time. Once Jules has obviously decided to embrace the new Gwen, even reluctantly so, the lighting becomes more warm-toned, although still low-key. The scene where Jules, Gwen and her friend are outside having a picnic, the lighting is natural. I think that this is important because it establishes that the new Gwen, Jules and the relationship with Gwen’s cousin is being repaired and it returning to a natural state.

Overall, I liked the film. It offered up an alternative view of the way our future could be and kind of forewarns on the kind of technology we are creating these days. I like that the lighting helped establish a tonal shift especially the characters experienced a literal shift, it was a nice visual aid in telling us how to feel.


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