An Unlikely Pair

The final fight scene between the group on the war rig and Immortan Joe’s crew results in Max giving of himself completely for the sake of Furiosa and Nux’s sacrifice for the good of the group. Both characters completely changed their roles if you think about it. Max was trying to take the rig away from Furiosa in the beginning because of his lone wolf mindset, and Nux was trying to capture everyone to bring them back to Joe. I think these ideas relate to the apocalyptic mindset of at first focusing on one’s own survival, then returning to a group that offers a sense of unity. Max shows how devoted he is by telling Furiosa his name, something he had not told anyone up to this point in the movie. The color in this scene seems to play a big role, some of the previous scenes used a grays and tans to express depressing or upsetting moments. The colors in this scene stand out and appear very vibrant, despite the sadness of Nux’s death and Furiosa’s brush with death. The colors seem to emphasize the emotions the characters feel for the people they have fought alongside to survive.

I felt intrigued by the relationship Max and Furiosa developed with such little meaningful conversation. Simply fighting and struggling alongside one another resulted in a close friendship and mutual respect. Their fight scene in the beginning seemed quite intimate as they both fought for their own survival. Max’s beginnings as sort of a “lone wolf” evolved as he joined Furiosa as a protector of the wives.

The frequency of action and battles in Mad Max supports Max and Furiosa’s growing relationship. Which other characters grew closer mostly because of the fighting that occurred? If this group was simply travelling a long distance without an enemy, would they still gow close as a unit? Would Max or Furiosa ever gained their mutual trust?


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