Do not ever change for others

              The movie Advantageous display that changing yourself for others will not help anyone. Jules’s mother agrees to allow her boss to change her whole outer appearance in order to make money to pay for Jule’s education. In doing this she must lie to the world and pretend the surgery turned out great when in reality her personality changed and she was constantly in pain while living off injections. Jule’s mother gives up her life for her daughter, but all it does is cause more harm.

              In the beginning of the movie Jule’s mother does anything possible for her. Multiple shots are shown of her admiring pictures of Jule. This is to display that she truly loves Jule and the author shows these shots for extended amounts of time in order to show the audience it is important. Jule means the world to her so she gives up her world for Jule. When the film starts Jule was always happy and proud of her mother. She always looked at things positively and looked up to her mother even when she was struggling. At the start a movie Jule and her friends are going home and one of her friends tells Jule that her mom does not even look like a mom. This is meant to display that her mom is beautiful both inside and out and really does not need to change. Later on in the film Jule’s mother tell her guy boss about how much she wants the best for Jule’s and he warns her not to change herself for Jule because in the end it will not turn out good. The mother goes against his advice and does it anyways because she believes it is what is best for Jule.

              After the transformation is made Jule mother does not seem to care about her much anymore. She loses her compassion and this is when Jule starts becoming sad. She tells her mother that she murdered her real mom and cries while pushing her away. This is to show that all her mother did by giving up her life for her daughter is make a happy little girl sad. The scene of Jule and her friends going home is repeated, but instead the transformation of her mom is there. Her friends make no nice comments as they approach and the mother falls on the ground. This falling is shown to show that Jule’s life is falling apart because her mother transformed. Jule tells her mom not to come anymore after that happened to show that she has given up. The mother’s guy boss and her have a meeting in the same place that they did when they originally met up before the transformation. This is done to connect the two events. A flashback is shown of the first conversation to demonstrate how what he warned her of has actually occurred. This gets the audience to realize that her plan not only did not work, but made things worse.

              Not only does Jule get upset over the transformation, but also the mother’s friend and husband does. A video is shown of her friend and her husband apologizing in addition to forgiving her for cheating with her friend’s husband and creating Jule. They say they are willing to help her pay for Jule’s education. This is shown after the transformation to emphasize that we know they did not know what she had done already and how she really did not even need to do the transformation.

              The attempt to improve her daughter’s life did just the opposite. Changing oneself for others is never a good idea and the author demonstrates this throughout the film. What do you think of the fact that the mother changed herself to try and help her daughter? Do you think any good came out of it or is Jule future just as or more doomed for the future?


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