The movie Mad Max Fury Road emphasizes the importance of trust in any form of relationship. Furiosa and Max demonstrate this the best throughout the film. Their relationship switched from leaving the other in a situation die to willing to do anything possible so the other does not die.

              When Max first meets Furiosa, he is hesitant to let her do anything and he constantly is holding up his gun at the air or at one of the girls heads. This is because he does not trust any of them and wants to make sure they are not planning to hurt him. While this is occurring, the author makes Max almost miss a huge group of enemies approaching behind him. He is oblivious to them and when Furiosa warns him he grabs one of the girls to hold to the gun as he turns around. Close ups of the gun to the girls’ heads are shown every time he does this in order to display that it has importance. The fact that every time he turns around he needed to have a gun to someone’s head to feel safe displays massive trust issues. The author makes him almost miss the enemies coming to attack in order to show that internal trust issues will make bigger problems invisible, which will ultimately hurt more. If he was not warned by Furiosa that they were behind him, he would have never known. This is bad because they are a lot more dangerous than the people who were in the car. Trust issues causes people to miss other dangers that may be more harmful than what is directly there.

              Furiosa teaches Max how to use her truck and leaves him to drive it; when she yells fool it is a signal to drive. She yells this because Max does not even trust her enough to tell her his name. The author used the word fool in order emphasis that Max is a fool for not trusting her on even the littlest things when they huge issues. Telling her his first name would not hurt him in any way so this shows how extreme his trust problems are. She is trusting him with her life as she leaves the car trusting that he will follow her instructions. She ends up okay after trusting him and the author does this to emphasis that trust leads to teamwork with good outcomes.

              Trust is a characteristic that this film displays importance in. Without trust it is easy and likely death will occur. What other characters exemplify the importance of trust? In real life how important is trust really? Would Max or Furiosa have had the same outcomes without the other?


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