Would the World Turn?

In Children of Men, one can see a lot of references to the past. However, there are not that many references to the future. In other words, the people that only really talk about the future are The Fishes and the government. The government has fertility test and The Fishes have Kee. One can see the references of living in the past and forgetting the future with the music being played and discussions from the characters.

In the beginning of the elaborate car fight sequence, there are many references about the past but not the future. For instance, Julian takes out a ping pong ball to do a trick with Theo. Julian even goes to say that she has tried this trick with hundreds of other people and none of the others have been successful at the trick. Then, within the next five minutes, Julian is killed off. With this scene, one can see that the past is important to these characters, mainly because they have little hope that there will be a future for any of them. But, the most influential line of dialogue in this scene is not spoken by any character in car, but comes from an asynchronous radio dj.

The very first sound that is heard in the car scene is that of a dj introducing a song. The dj has a monologue along the lines of This song is from 2003, a time where people did not know that the future’s end was right around the corner. This dj, an ordinary working class person, is basically saying that this is the end of times and there is no hope. This dj is stuck in the past and wants to remember a time that he wasn’t hopeless, even if that means forgoing the future.

In Children of Men, the people lose hope. They rather live in the memories of the past then see problems in the future. The people can’t see the future because the present is crumbling around them. A question that the viewer should think about is “Would the world really go to shit like this?” or more importantly “Would I become like this?”

P.S. I am sorry this is coming late. I had problems with my computer.


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