I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I find this way of thinking hopeful and optimistic in that there has to be some kind of purpose. The movie Children of Men brings this topic up with Jasper, Miriam, and Theo all talking about it at some point. Theo’s pessimistic view on life contrasts with both Jasper and Miriam. Jasper’s view on faith and chance corresponds with Miriam’s outlook of everything happening for a reason. In the scene where Theo, Miriam, and Kee are all at Jasper’s home, and Jasper talks about Theo and Julian meeting and their son Dylan, Jasper introduces this theme of faith and chance. He describes the chance of Julian and Theo meeting at the rally with the implication of what really are the chances of these two people meeting at this one moment in time. Furthermore, chance is not enough, so he introduces faith: Theo and Julian needed to have faith in one another in order for their relationship to flourish into what it became. This give-and-take idea being related to chance and faith is interesting because I never really saw the two being related before Jasper made the connection. And then, Jasper continuing on with the chance of them having a son named Dylan with their faith being tested once he dies really does show the connection. Both of them needed faith in each other in order for the relationship to survive.

The camera movement of the scene really makes it this enchanting and emotional moment. The way the camera is set up with Theo being right in front of the camera and Jasper, Miriam, and Kee in the background, allows viewers to see Theo’s reaction to everything Jasper says. With Julian just having died, this topic is like a fresh wound to Theo. Before this scene, Miriam and Kee saw Theo as a person who was reached out to for help, but Jasper gives Theo a more relatable personality, for he gives his story. Later, when Theo, Miriam, and Kee are escaping Jasper’s home, we see Theo watch Jasper die, and in the moments following his death, he asks Miriam if she still believes everything happens for a reason. This moment of him questioning this idea stuck out to me, for this way of thinking is something I try to live by. However, Theo brings up a valid point of how death plays into everything happening for a reason. What reason could there possibly be for someone dying? This one question helps enlighten viewers on why Theo struggles with this philosophy, for his son died, Julian died, and now, his cousin Jasper died. Not to mention, we have the whole premise of the movie: women being infertile, and how this follows suit into everything happening for a reason. Even now, after watching the movie and writing this post, I am still trying to figure out if everything does happen for a reason, how does death play its part? Not only that, but the bad such as women being infertile or any natural disaster, how do these terrible things play their part in this way of thinking? I don’t have an answer except there has to be some purpose to it all: some greater good that will come of it all. Still I end with this question: does everything actually happen for a reason?


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