Mad Max Lighting and Sound

Throughout the film, the environment in Mad Max: Fury Road is always colored in orange and brown. It’s a very dull post-apocalyptic setting, so the lighting and coloring reflects this. However, the excitement the environment lacks is made up for in the characters and their vehicles. One thing I noticed throughout the film was how stark of a contrast there is between the characters’ eyes and their surroundings. It’s odd, but all the main characters have sharp blue eyes (Furiosa’s are a bit more green, but they’re still brightly colored) which stand out against the usual brown and orange saturated shots. I don’t know if this is just a coincidence, or if the director purposefully highlighted their eye colors to emphasize them being full of life, perhaps? I’m interested if anyone else found this odd/ has any thoughts on it.

A scene that stood out to me in terms of soundtrack was the sandstorm scene in the beginning of the movie. In the rest of the film, action scenes are paired with heavy electric guitar (courtesy of the giant speaker truck) and tense strings. However, when Furiosa leads the chase party through the giant sandstorm, the music shifts into an almost godlike soundtrack. The music portrays the storm as a massive, otherworldly power, which contrasts the chaos of the human squabble occurring within it. This scene set the tone of the power of the apocalypse our heroes live in. I found it to be one of the more striking and powerful scenes in the movie simply because it changed its tone so much. We see several war boy cars get mercilessly swept away by this massive storm. This type of effortless destruction is not replicated again in any scene in the film. Destruction is abound, but it is never portrayed as this easy and unimportant again.

Questions: What effect does the music truck add throughout the film? Do you think it worked, or was it comical and out of place?


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