Wilson…God and the devil all in one!

In the movie Snowpiercer, the passengers in the front of the train viewed Wilson as their God. He saved them all (even the freeloaders in the back of the train) from the horror of freezing to death. In the front passengers’ eyes everyone should be grateful to the almighty Wilson, as he is still protecting them by making sure the engine is working properly. Wilson has also provided very lush living arrangements for the front passengers, which included a dance club, sushi (twice a year), a spa, and a wonderful school where the children learned all the great things Wilson has done for them. The passengers in the back of the train have a very different view of Wilson and rightly so. I am sure the back passengers were grateful when they were selected to board Wilson’s train, thinking they were safe and were relieved that they would live. However, the treatment they experienced in the first months quickly changed how they viewed their new savior. They started to hate Wilson shortly after boarding his train, and we see this hate through the eyes of our main character Curtis. Curtis tells us how he had to eat and kill people to stay alive in the back because shortly after boarding all of the food was confiscated from the back passengers. The back passengers also had the most disgusting quarters on the train, that did not even include windows! Once Wilson was nice enough to provide them with food (months later) he fed them protein bars (made from roaches), while the front passengers had an array of food to select from. Wilson would also take children from the back and bring them to the front of the train, not to go to the school like the children born in the front of the train, but to live under the train and manually keep it running. Wilson was not the back passengers God; he was the devil. Wilson was the sole reason they experienced all the pain and suffering on the train. Wilson saw nothing wrong with how things were operating because everyone was in their place, and that was the only way thing could work. This movie made me think was there a huge difference between how Wilson treated the back passengers and how the government treats “lower classes” in American today?


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