Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody, Everywhere

Andrew Stanton, the director of the 2008 Disney and Pixar Animation Studio production computer-animated science fiction film, WALL-E, takes on a whole new level of design and animation by implementing deep layers of meaning behind what is shown on screen. The movie begins with a scene of WALL-E, the last remaining robot on Earth, working his daily job of compacting the trash that humans left behind into blocks. The long shots of mountains of garbage everywhere and buildings made of garbage now standing in place of where the real buildings use to be implies that the earth has become uninhabited. We are left questioning where all the humans have gone? A megacorporation called Buy N Large has essentially taken over the planet and induced so much consumption and waste that humans must escape their dying planet on the Axiom, an enormous spaceship habitat hundreds of billions of miles from the earth,

Pollution is a reoccurring theme throughout the entire film and gives a strong message that criticizes the current lifestyle of human beings. If we don’t start making huge improvements in the way we deal with pollution, garbage, waste management, recycling, etc., our beautiful planet may result in a state of pollution so severe that it becomes unsustainable for organic life. WALL-E has a knack for fixing the broken and nurturing the weak. So it is only appropriate that WALL-E is the one to find earth’s first sign of life in decades, a fragile new plant sprouting among the waste piles. This one plant comes to represent humanity’s last hope to connect to their natural roots.

My question for the class is: do you think this film has broadened the audience’s realization of the damages we are causing to our home by simply not taking care of it?


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