Children of Men: A Christmas Story

There are many bible references in Children of Men, specifically about the Nativity or the birth of Jesus, a major Christmas story. In the nativity, a woman, Mary, is pregnant with humanity’s savior, Jesus, and goes on a long and difficult journey while guided/protected by Joseph, a fatherly figure though not the actual biological father of the baby being born. This sounds very similar to what happens in Children of Men with Kee as Mary, Theo as Joseph, and baby Dylan as Jesus. Kee first reveals her pregnancy to Theo in a stable and throughout the movie animals such as sheep, chickens, and goats are seen around the main characters which can all refer to how Jesus was born in a stable surrounded by animals. Kee even jokingly says she is a virgin, directly referring to Mary being a virgin in the Nativity. During the large battle scene, there is a complete cease fire as the “holy” family walks and tries to escape. Some men even kneel and make a sign of the cross as the baby passes.

During this cease fire, the camera finally becomes more stable as the three main characters get up and start walking. The early shots of the walk show lots of people raising their hands up to the child and lowering themselves as she passes, some even bow. Shock, reverence, praise and many more reactions are seen during this scene. There are multiple low-angle shots of the family making them seem higher than everyone else, again, adding to the reverence of the moment. Everyone is respectful as the savior, this last hope for humanity, this innocent baby passes by.

Is Dylan the savior of humanity or is it Kee or even Theo? Is Dylan mainly a sign of hope for humanity rather than a savior of humanity?


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