Is Snowpiercer a take on the Bible?

In Snowpiercer, the train itself takes the place of Earth. Everyone else on the planet died eighteen years ago, and the only remaining humans are onboard the train. On the train, each compartment is its own little world. There is an agricultural compartment, one that has various species of marine life, a meat locker, a garden, a club, and many more. All of these different compartments are vastly different, but make up aspects what used to be Earth.

It is very similar to Noah’s Ark, where only a few selected humans were allowed on the boat. The animals on the ark could be compared to the different compartments on the train. They all serve a purpose. In the very beginning of the film, when the narrative text is shown, the train is called an ark. Even the “ice age” that is brought on by human’s efforts to combat global warming are very similar to the flood in the Bible. No one survived the flood, or the “ice age”, except the few who found refuge in the ark. Even the end of the film is similar to the Noah’s Ark story. In the Bible, the flood waters recede so life can begin anew, and in Snowpiercer the ice is beginning to melt, which means life could return to normal. Yona and Timmy could also be compared to Adam and Eve. They are both Train Babies and have no idea what life was like on Earth. They are the only survivors of the train crash, and it is implied that one day they might start the human race off again. They have to learn everything for themselves, just as Adam and Eve did.

Wilford is the creator of the train, and specifically chose each compartment to have a designated purpose. The people of the train see Wilford as a god, in a sense; though, the people who live in the tail end of the train would argue otherwise. The Minister, soldiers, and the privileged people who live in the front of the train praise Wilford as their savior. Wilford also lives in the front of the train, which could be described as heaven. It is bright, quiet, stocked with anything Wilford would need, it runs the entirety of the train, and is operated by one man.

Do you think scientists of today would be able to come up with a solution to a global catastrophe that would be self-sustaining, and come up with a solution that helps everyone? Or would we have a Dr. Strangelove and Snowpiercer situation where only a select few are saved?


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