For us or for themselves?

Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb used comedy to show the selfishness of human beings, and how that does not change when you are in a position of power within the government (in some cases it actually increases). All of the characters in the film hold positions of power in our government. When I think of characteristics of people within our government I like to believe they are strong, smart, logical people. Instead the government officials in this film were very simple, selfish individuals. They focused solely on their own personal goals and plans, and never thought about the rest of the country that they were elected to lead and protect.

For instance, everything started because General Ripper selfishly launched a missile attack on Russia because of his own communist theory. He said Russia was messing with Americans’ body fluids, he developed this theory from looking only at his own body fluids. He never asked anyone their opinion on this theory, nor did he ask anyone their opinion on launching the missile attack. He even went as far as making sure no one could interfere with his plan, by making sure he was the only person who had the recall code.

Major Hong’s character is another example of a self-orientated person. Once the plane was hit and leaking fuel he could have used the advice he was giving and flew the plane somewhere safe with the fuel he had left. He instead decided to drop the bomb on whatever target they could get to before running out of gas. If that was not enough when the bomb door was jammed he even when as far as sitting on the bomb to open the door, forcing him to fall with the bomb. In my opinion these were extreme cases of selfish people in power. It made me think are the people in government there to push the goals of the people or just their own personal goal at any means necessary?


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