Who Is the “Good” Guy

Throughout the entirently of Snowpiercer we are shown many interesting characters. Curtis is a socialist minded low class citizen that inspires and is well liked by all the low class citizens. Namgoong Minsu is a loving father . Wilford is a mastermind when comes to both transportation, business, and leadership. Finally, Gilliam is a spiritual leader of the tail section and even the Curtis, who is the leader of the rebellion, uses him as council. Yet something has been bothering me after finishing Snowpiercer, who is the “good” guy?

Curtis wants everybody to be treated equally. He sacrifices his arm to save a child. He is the one chosen to lead the train by Wilford. However, Curtis sacrificed dozens of people to achieve his goal. Also, Curtis ate people and especially like the taste of baby meat. How can the man who ate babies and sacrificed the boy who thought of him as a father be the “good” guy.

Minsu is a loving father, a security specialist, and imperative for the rebellion to have any success. However, Minsu is also a krono addict. He makes his daughter a krono addict. Minsu dislikes living on the train so much, he builds a giant bomb that explodes and kills over nighty-nine percent of human life that is left on planet earth. How can this man be the “good” guy?

Wilford is the reason why any humans are alive today. Wilford designed the train. Wilford keeps both the engine running and the closed ecosystem of people alive. On the other hand, Wilford doesn’t see the lower class occupants not as people, but as tools. He uses children to keep the engine running. He systematically uses the lower class citizens to cause revolts so that the closed ecosystem of the train has a limited number of people. This makes sure that train can go on forever. How can this man be the “good” guy

Gilliam is a man that would sacrifice his own limbs to feed the hungry lower class passengers. Gilliam is a man that everybody listens to and respects. Gilliam is a man that would sacrifice his own people for the greater good. Gilliam is a man that uses his influence to help Wilford kill enough people to keep the train running. How can a man like Gilliam be the “good” guy.

Throughout Snowpiercer we see Curtis, Minsu, Wilford, and Gilliam suffer. Curtis ate babies. Minsu blew up nearly everybody. Wilford used child slave labor. Gilliam sold out his own people so that the train could be maintained. So who is this movie’s “good” guy?


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