Love of the Bomb

One of the conventions in the movies we have watched so far has been the use of a bomb. Both Dr. Strangelove and War of the Worlds used the bomb. What I found interesting was how in both movies the characters start and stop loving the bomb at different times in their plots.

Dr. Strangelove’s characters do love the bomb, but what is interesting is how long it takes for most of them to show their love for it. Many do not show their love until the end of the film. For example, Major Kong begins his mission with caution, initially believing plan R to be received in error, he does not appear to want to drop any bombs. However, toward the end of the film he not only does everything he can to drop the bomb, he rides it like a bull all the way down. He clearly loves the bomb.

In War of the Worlds, on the other hand, the love for the bomb is there from the start, but it begins to leave the characters. When the characters are talking about dropping the bombs on the Martians, they are absolutely ready to do it. They are completely sure that it will destroy the Martians. One of the doctors even says that if the characters want to study Martian blood, they can get all they want after the plane drops the bomb. However, after the bomb drops and the characters realize it has no effect, they immediately lose hope. They have essentially fallen out of love with the bomb.

Dr. Strangelove goes from having many of its characters not like the bomb at all to start to accept it and possibly love it at the end, possibly adding humor and making the mood of the film more positive. Whereas, War of the Worlds has many of its characters love the bomb but immediately fall out of love with it and lose hope, possibly making the mood more negative. Does the difference in use of conventions in these movies help shape the mood of the film?


Author: Bailey T.

Hey y'all, I'm Bailey, a writer, director, editor, and all-around storyteller.

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