Sexualization in Dr. Strangelove

Throughout the movie, there are many characters introduced. However, there is only one actress in this movie and she plays a couple roles in the film. Tracy Reed plays Miss Scott, Tugidson’s secretary and mistress, and she is the centerfold in the playboy that Kong finds on the plane. In each of these roles, she is extremely sexualized.

First of all Miss Scott, the only female talking role in the entire movie. Now, being the only female role in the movie may just be a characteristic of the time period that “Dr. Strangelove” was created in, but it would be way too easy to chalk it up to 1960’s misogyny. Miss Scott is percieved to be a very sexual person. She is the secretary who is sleeping with her boss, a “typical” trope of secretaries in movies. It is also interesting how the viewer is pushed to believe that she is also having an affair with the man she speaks to on the phone.

As the centerfold in a Playboy magazing, it’s obvious how she was sexualized in this instance. However, is there any reason that her name is “Miss Scott” and that “Scott” is generally a man’s name?


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