Is the Government Smart?

The movie Dr. StrangeLove tries to display human stupidity and how they are not capable of effectively handling dangerous weapons such as an atomic bomb.

 The United States let a policy pass that gave one person the ability to use a weapon that could knock out the whole world. If a country does not realize that this is not a choice in any situation that is okay for any single person to be in charge of. The world is full of psyco people that are good at hiding it so if one gets in charge, he/she should not have the ability to make any choices like this. If a country cannot figure this out, then they will not exist long.

General Turgidson seemed pretty lazy, but somehow he was still placed in a position of power. When the bomber plane called asking an emergency question he did not even directly talk to them himself until he realized that they were not going to hang up. He kept telling them to call other people so that he would not have to do anything himself. When he was in the war room he fought with the Russian ambassador and answered the phone to his girlfriend. These irresponsibility should not occur with workers in charge or world choices. When he talked to his girlfriend she was thinking he did not care about her because he went to a meeting about a possible hydrogen bomb attack instead of hooking up with her. This demonstrates how stupid she is because the world could possibly be ending, but she would rather distract people from the meeting than give them time to figure it out.

Not only is this shown by characters from the United States, but also other countries. When the United States leader, Muffley, called the soviets leader, Dimitri, they talked in a way that made them sound like children. They were repetitive and cared more about hurting each other’s feeling than the fact that the whole world was about to be destroyed. They author does this to emphasis humans lack of knowledge. If two of the biggest leaders were so childish and they had control of the use of these bombs every day, then the world is bound to be doomed on day.

This movie demonstrates the weakness of humans and uses several characters to show this. This makes the audience realize that we are not ready to have weapons of this sort. He exaggerates human stupidity in order to make the point clear. Do you think this could potential happen in our current world or are our plans too secure? How realistic is the extent of stupidity of world leaders?


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