Is Depression Curable or Inevitable Doom?

Depression can cause a person to feel as if they are not living while everyone around them is. This movie symbolizes depression throughout the entire film. The opening scene foreshadows the focus of depression in this film. The movie starts by displaying Justine’s face and her looking as if she was dying. Her squinting and disgusting hair emphasizes how destroyed she feels. The nondiegetic music in the background sets the gloomy mood for the story. Sudden cuts to new shots are included to show how confusing and random depression can be. In life it is not known what is coming next and it is a surprise on how horrible it can make the depressed person feel. Darkness is used in most of the shots to portray the dark feeling that depression leaves inside Justine’s body; internal pain is caused by depression, which makes Justine just want to lay in the dark and do nothing. The darkness in her surroundings represents the darkness in the feelings inside of her. Slow motion shots are used to show how slow life goes by with depression and how the person affected just wants it to be over. This makes the viewer somewhat feel the way the character does. The shot of Justine drudging through the forest in her wedding dress with tree weeds pulling her back symbolizes how depression holds people back no matter how happy of an event is going on in their life. Depression basically takes over Justine’s entire life and leaves even her happiest moments as troubling experiences. Melancholia crashing into the earth displays how depression destroys Justine’s life and basically destroys her world. Is it possible for someone to come out of depression after they are deeply into it or is their world bound to crash and explode destroying them? Is depression as permanent as the world exploding or can it be reversed?



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