Throughout the movie the mood goes from gloomy to hopeful in seconds. Although the movie is not an action packed blockbuster, there are a few intense moments. I believe the emotional connection between the viewer and Wall-E starts when we see him long for a companion. When Wall-E watches the couple dancing on the screen, he realizes he is alone in the world. Being alone is something we can all relate to because at some point in our lives we all have to take on a challenge by ourselves. Wall-E finally finds a friend in a roach that is somewhat cute and understanding in comparison to the roaches that we know on Earth. The mood takes a sharp turn after Wall-E accidentally runs over the roach and panics when it lays still. When the roach pops back up (because roaches don’t die) we are hopeful again that Wall-E can continue to work with a friend. When Eva comes to Earth we are again hopeful that that Wall-E will finally be able to have a connection with another robot. In the beginning we see Wall-E harvest parts from another Wall-E bot. He doesn’t have any robots like him around which would explain why he is so intrigued by Eva. Instead of getting a joyful confrontation, we are terrified by the sudden danger that Wall-E is in. Again the tone takes a sharp turn when Eva experiences Euphoria only to shut down and leave Wall-E alone to work by himself again. The humans on the ship are content with their lives. They take care of themselves and enjoy moving around the ship while watching whatever is on their personal screen. Although they are constantly around others, they do not truly have a connection with the things around them. The first real connection we see them have is when the man and woman turn off their screens to talk to each other. In the future will technology make us forget how to form relationships with each other? Are we going to have to study the past like Wall-E watches the show on the screen to teach people how to interact with each other?


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